Depression May Up The Risk Of Stroke In Women

A freshly made study has stated that depression can even increase the risk of stroke in women.

In this regard the researchers of the Nurses’ Health Study have been monitoring many women for a six years period, after that they have concluded that a history of depression can even associated with near about 29 percent increasing risk of stroke compared with other stroke factors.

Also the researchers have told that the women who in general takes anti depressant medication in order to get relief from this are living with 39 percent increased risk of stroke than others.

With the sequence to the fact Kathryn Rexrode, Managing Director of the Brigham and Women’s Hospital in Boston and an associate physician as well as the lead author of this study, has stated “Use of anti depressant medication can be described as an indicator of depression severity.”

Rexrode has added “I personally don’t think that this anti depression medication itself can cause the risk of stroke, also the entire study itself does not suggest for giving up this medication in order to reduce the risk of stroke.”

On the other hand the study is also indicating that depressed women are more likely want to live being single and less physically active, compared with the others who have not experienced any kind of depression yet.

Moreover, through out the period of depression they have got higher body mass index or BMI, which can even create some more coexisting conditions like diabetes, high blood pressure and heart disease.

Rexrode has stated “The disease of depression often prevented individuals from taking control of other medical problems including diabetes and hypertension. At that time they usually prefer to choose regular medication as exercise.”

Last but not in the list she added “All of these above factors collective result – the heart attack.