Diabetes Might Trigger Second Stroke

Diabetes versus Stroke

According to latest research, people who are diabetic and have had a stroke need to be extra careful because they are at higher risk of a second and fatal stroke. The risk of heart attacks increase as well. The study was carried out by a team of scientists in Duke University Medical Center, Durham in North Carolina. According to the director Dr. Larry B. Goldstein, the risk of heart attack and stroke for a second tome is higher in diabetics. People who suffer from metabolic syndrome also are not as exposed to the risks as diabetics are. The study

The study was focused on finding out the reduction in risk of a second stroke when cholesterol levels were controlled using statin treatment. The study also included people with metabolic disorders and their response to statin treatment with regard to reduction in risk of second stroke. The study was conducted on 4,731 people out of whom, 642 suffered with metabolic syndrome and 794 with diabetics. The rest of them were non-diabetics.

The study result

Results of the study showed a sharp decline in risks related to strokes in people who were on static treatment for reduction of cholesterol. Lowered cholesterol levels not only reduced risk of stroke but also improved cardiovascular fitness and were not likely to require angioplasty. Angioplasty is a procedure used to clear blocks in arteries. In contrast, people who were suffering from metabolic syndrome were more liable to undergoing angioplasty although risks of a second stroke declined. Stroke Prevention by Aggressive Reduction of Cholesterol Levels, which in short is known as SPARCL, was used to evaluate risk factors. Statin, the cholesterol lowering drug was proved to be very effective in lowering the risks.

Importance of low cholesterol

Cholesterol is the major factor that hampers heart health and caused fat to deposit in arteries, subsequently causing blocks. The objective of the study was to research the effectiveness of aggressive lipid lowering in diabetics. The study confirmed that high cholesterol can be deadly in patients who have already had strokes. In addition, high cholesterol leads to high blood pressure and other hear ailments.


Researchers have proved beyond doubt that high cholesterol can trigger chances of a second stroke. The risk is more in diabetics. However, by concentrating on lowering cholesterol, risks of strokes and heart attacks can be largely reduced. Statins are the best remedy for lowering cholesterol.