Diabetics May Cause For Second Heart Attack

The people with type 2 diabetics are at a great risk of facing another heart attack or stroke just after recovering from a first stroke or from an ischemic attack (TIA). But one way it can be reduced little bit just by lowering the cholesterol level.

Before that many research has been made by many developers’ teams but those all have shown the same thing that type 2 diabetes mellitus generally associated with the increasing risks of heart attack or coronary heart diseases or CHD. Also insulin resistance or metabolic syndrome resistance identifies those individuals at higher risk for developing type 2 diabetics, which is also linked up with an increasing risk or stroke and cardiovascular disease. Additionally metabolic syndrome can be defined as a group of condition that generally associates with, high blood sugar, high blood pressure, high cholesterol etc, which generally increase the odds factor of developing diabetes as well as heart disease.

The researchers of United State examine data from the Stroke Prevention by Aggressive Reduction or Cholesterol Level Trial, which is specially built up to look at whether these high doses of lowering cholesterol medicines or stations would reduce the risk of second heart attack ( or stroke or TIA) or not. The said experiment broadcasted that this lowering cholesterol minimized the risk of another cardiovascular event in patients who just faced recent stroke or TIA.  In the second part of their analysis the researchers also looked at the risk of engaging another stroke or heart attack in the diabetics patients who were with metabolic syndrome, also whether this stating treatment could reduce the risk or not.

The researchers did this experiment among 4,731 people who had had a stroke or TIA and the result shows the in every 794 diabetics patents 642 are suffering from metabolic syndrome. So with the comparison of the non diabetics patients people with diabetics more likely to have another stroke or heart attack or TIA or other kind of cardiovascular event. So, at last one thing can say that treatment with the statin will reduce the risks of these kind of diseases even the patients is suffering from type 2 diabetes or metabolic syndrome.