Diesel Exhaust Increases The Heart Attack Risk

A new research has shown while the diesel burns, then many chemical particle produces, which are too much harmful, in the sense that it increases the chance of forming the blood clots in the arteries. If this happens then you are in a risk of developing heart attack or stroke.

With the sequence to the fact the researchers of the University of Edinburgh already measured the impact of diesel exhaust that generally fumes on the healthy volunteers at level, which generally found in the heavily polluted cities.

In this case, the scientists included many people and had taken a sharp look how people reacted to the gases which generally found in the fumes of diesel including nitrogen dioxide and carbon monoxide. They also declared that these were quite being able to create ultrafine chemical particles from the exhausts.

This research has developed by the British Heart Foundation, which already broadcasts that these tiny particles are not disturb the main function of the blood vessels, which generally controls the channeled blood flow to the body’s organs.

With the sequence to the fact Dr Mark Miller, from the University of Edinburgh’s Centre for Cardiovascular Science, stated “Our study is quite being able to make a link between the air pollution and blood vessels as well as heart attack, while many people are already stated to think that air pollution generally lifts a bad impact on lungs.” He also stated “Our research shows that while gases or particles effects on our blood pressure, then it can be easily determined as miniscule chemical particles, which generally emit by the car exhausts.”

Later he added “These particles can even produce highly reactive molecules, generally known as free radicals, can even injure our blood vessels and even lead towards vascular disease.”

The entire study has published in the European Heart Journal this week.