Drink Donkey’s Milk to Reduce Weight and Gain Health – Say Latest Studies

Donkey’s milk can help you lose weight

With people all over the world trying to find new and innovative means of weight loss, researchers in Italy have come with the most novel solution of all. In the study that they conducted on the milk from donkeys, they found that the special compounds and mitochondria present in the milk could help a person lose weight. Donkey’s milk has been found to be highly nutritious, in fact more so than cow’s milk, and has the added benefit of being extremely low in fat.

How does donkey’s milk help in reducing weight?

According to the study, donkey’s milk was found to be rich in omega-3 fatty acids and calcium. Further, the milk has very close characteristics to human milk. It is enriched with all the nutrients required for health minus harmful fats. This milk could become a very effective replacement for cow milk since calcium levels are high. In addition, to all those people who are allergic to cow’s milk, donkey’s milk is the best resort. The major aspect in the milk that contributes to weight loss is its ability to bring down cholesterol in the blood. The milk protects the heart and prolongs life.

Study compares cow and donkey milk

The study, which establishes that donkey’s milk is an effective weight loss agent carried out a comparative study between cow and donkey milk. The research was conducted in University of Naples and presented in the European Congress on Obesity in Istanbul. However, the results of the study are expected to have global repercussions. The comparison between the two milks revealed that donkey’s milk is far more healthy than cow’s milk due to a number of factors. The major factor is that donkey’s milk had been found to raise the metabolism rate of the body, which in turn leads to burning calories more easily and subsequent weight loss. Both the milks were found equal in nutritional value and energy.

Study on rodents

The study was conducted on rodents. It was found that rodents, which were fed with donkey’s milk, had lower amounts of triglycerides. Triglycerides are harmful fats that tend to deposit in arteries and other vascular tissues and cause them to harden. As a result, pressure on the heart increases and heart weakens. Further, rodents, which were kept on a diet of donkey’s milk, were more active and fit. The fat levels in their bodies were considerably lower than other rodents. In contrast, rodents that were kept on cow’s milk had put on weight. Their fitness levels were found to be lower.

Donkey’s milk better than soya milk

The results of the study also proved that donkey’s milk is far more beneficial than soya milk due to its high protein content. Although drinking donkey’s milk was in vogue all through history, in the recent times, its use has severely declined. Donkey’s milk has been documented as being a pet drink of the famed Cleopatra. The world is yet to wake up to this new found knowledge. Researchers involved in the study have urged people to begin using donkey’s milk.