Drinkers – Take Three Days Of Break From Drinking Per Week

Alcohol has become a bad habit in the modern society. Look anywhere – and you will be able to find its trace. People are becoming thoughtless in the addiction to alcohol. They are not even thinking about its fatal effects.

Now here is a red alarm for those alcohol lovers, who cannot even let a single day of a week to go without drinking alcohol. A recent study has concluded that drinkers should leave at least 3 days a week without drinking. The Daily Telegraph has quoted the Royal College of Physicians saying that alcohol drinkers must take a 3 days break a week if they want to avoid the cycle of binge drinking and the chances of liver diseases.

Doctors have said that drinking alcohol every day without a day’s break many cause harms to liver and it can give rise to long term serious health issues. Some of these health issues may even be life taking. To avoid these life threatening diseases one should take two or three days break from drinking. A spokesman for the RCP has also specified that.

He has also expressed his concern about the young alcohol lovers. He has said that after one day’s drinking our body and especially the liver needs to recover. That is why it is important to take two or three days off. If someone does not take the break his liver will not be able to recover and in that condition more drinking will harm his liver and thus will raise serious health problems.

Advisers from RCP has recommended that to be safe men should not cross the limit of 0 – 21 units of drinking a week and women should bound themselves into 0 – 14 units a week, provided that they will also have to maintain a two or three days of break per week.