Dry Skin is a Big Problem for Health Care Routine

Dry skin is a known problem for a lot of people. Though, there are many branded beauty care products available in the market to nourish dry skin. Some products can not give what they promised. Some people are unlucky that all their body covered with dry skin. For these special cases, they would be glad to know that there are specialized products available in the market. The skin care is different for face and legs and consequently moisturizer for body care might not work well on their face. It is essential to keep this in mind before buying beauty care products.

The main causes of dry skin are genetic makeup, dehydration, long working hours in hot and arid atmosphere, wide seasonal changes, hormonal changes, lack of protein in the diet, lack of vitamin E and B12 in food, chronic anemia, chronic diseases, suppressing the immune system and it could be a side effect of medicine used in treating a disease. The first step in dry skin cure is identifying the cause. If the diet is normal and the patient is not anemic, then consulting a doctor regarding the dry skin would be advisable as it could have a side effect of a drug. Doctor might prescribe medicated cream that can deal with the side effect. During menopausal time because of hormonal changes dry skin becomes common.

A nourishing beauty care product dry skin must have a balanced formula of vitamins and moisturizers with long lasting effect. Try using oil based cream for body skin care. For face choose face cream, which is very, light in nature and creates a thin film of oil, preventing the moisture from getting lost. If is advisable, to use moisturizer whenever a person is exposed to the heat of the sun. This prevents harmful UV radiation and heat in penetrating into the skin and avoids drying of the skin. After bathing, try to massage the hand and feet with vitamin E capsules or Olive oil. This helps in rejuvenating the skin cells and prevents drying of skin. If the skin on the face occurs, rubbing it would be a colossal problem. The open pore and moisture gets lost in the process. Do not try to use soap as made up of alkalis. It would be advisable to use body wash and face wash that have light components, which re-hydrates your skin.

Check humidity setting in the air conditioning. This could contribute to the drying of skin. Keeping a small bottle of moisturizer in purse in case the hands or face becomes dry is a terrific idea. To increase blood flow, the skin used beauty care products rich in sea weeds and sea salt. They are also beneficial for rejuvenating the skin.