Eat Lots Of Green Veggies And Fish For Longer Life

In this age of restlessness we get a very little time to take care of our health. We don’t get the time to proper exercise, to make healthy food, to take rest. As a result the life span of modern people is getting reduced day by day.

Most recently a new study in this regard has revealed that we can extend our life span by three years if we consume lots of vegetables and fish. Researchers who conducted the study have advised people to concentrate their diet on a large amount of fresh and green veggies and various kinds of fish and low amount of animal fat or animal products like meat, egg, milk etc.

The Telegraph has published the findings of the study which has disclosed that people who live on such diet are 20 per cent more likely to live two or three years more in an average. Previous studies have already established the health benefits of fresh and green veggies and fish products. But the aforementioned study is the first that has showed the effects of consuming lots of veggies and fish on elderly people. The researchers have compared the health conditions of a thousand of elderly people of 70 years of age who took lots of veggies and fish with other who concentrated more on animal products like milk, meat and egg. The study known as H70 has observed those people for over 40 years.

The study also got support from three other studies about the significance of Mediterranean diet on people’s health. One of the three studies was conducted on children. After a joint analysis the researchers have anticipated that Mediterranean diet is good for elderly people as well as children and youngsters.

The study findings have been appeared in the journal Age.