Eating Disorders Damage Women’s Fertility

A hot serve research has stated that in general the women, who suffer from eating disorders like bulimia and anorexia may take too much time to get pregnant than other women.

To prove it the team of researchers from UK asked more than 11,087 pregnant women and monitored them over 12 to 18 weeks of gestation. Where they had found 171 or 1.5 percent from those 11,087 had been suffering from anorexia at some point related to their liver, 199 or 1.8 percent had been suffering from bulimia, also there were another 82 or 0.7 percent of those pregnant women, who had been suffering from both of the conditions.

More likely the researchers have found that a larger part of the women along with existing eating disorder always takes more than six months by comparing with those who are no longer being suffered from this disease.

From those the team of researchers has found that 6.2 percent of women with existing anorexia have received the treatment as well as help for getting pregnant, but 2.7 percent have not got any help or treatment to be pregnant.

Within the observation period more than 41 percent of women with existing anorexia have stated that their pregnancy was unplanned compared with other 28. 8 percent of general women. So, from that the researchers have concluded “The entire findings are indicating that anorexia may under estimate the entire chances of conceiving.”

The lead author of this entire finding Abigail Easter, from the Institute of Psychiatry at the King’s College London, has described in a college press release “The entire results of this study are clearly stating that the eating disorders can affect on women fertility. Though, increasing rates of the unplanned pregnancies in women are showing that women must need to be careful about this as early as possible. ”

This entire report has taken from an International Journal of Obstetrics and Gynecology.