Excess Hair On Chin Refers To Excess Male Hormone In Women

We often find hair on chins of some women. A recent study has claimed that some women suffer from growing hair on their chin and abdomen because of excess male hormone secretion in their body. Researchers have mentioned that the easiest way to find out whether a woman has excess male hormone in her body is to find out whether she has hair on her chin and upper and lower abdomen.

Dr. Ricardo Azziz who is the reproductive endocrinologist and also the President of Georgia Health Sciences University have asserted that the goal of the research was to find out an absolutely perfect and accurate explanation for that problem of unwanted hair. At present doctors are using the full body assessment program to evaluate whether women have excess male hormone in body. Sometimes the method becomes very disturbing for women. But the current process of examining the chin and the upper and the lower abdomen is surely less disturbing for women. And as far as the question of accuracy the method is 80 per cent effective according to the researchers.

Dr. Azziz who is also the author of the mentioned study has reported to examine total 1116 lady patients during 1987 to 2002 at the University of Alabama, situated in Birmingham. That if not the all. For the sake of the study he has also mentioned about examining another group of 835 female patients at Cedars – Sinai Medical Center in Los Angeles from 2003 to 2009. The common thing among all the female patients irrespective of the later or the former group was that they all showed the symptoms of excessive androgen hormone or excessive male hormone secretion.

But the researchers has also mentioned that the study needs to be evaluated further to find out its work ability in treating Hirsutism or the problem of excess hair on women.