Exercise Suppresses the Gene Responsible for Obesity

Obesity has become one of the biggest health risks in the present day. As per studies, it has come to be known that if the present trend of lifestyle continues in the similar fashion, more than 60% of Americans will be obese. However, as per latest studies conducted in collaboration with Medical Research Council Epidemiology Unit, Cambridge, UK and led by Ruth Loos, by leading an active lifestyle and exercising regularly, obesity menace can be controlled. An active lifestyle is a deterrent to the obesity gene and help in keeping weight under control.

The gene responsible for obesity is called FTO gene, which stands for Fat mass and Obesity associated gene. This gene is the dominant factor that leads to obesity. The study found that in people who exercise regularly and lead an active lifestyle all through the day, FTO gene is 30% lower in power and effectiveness in comparison with those who lead a largely sedentary life.

This research has come as revelation to all those who blame genes for obesity. It has been known that certain people are more prone to obesity because of this gene. However, although the gene is stronger in some individuals, regular exercise can control its effectiveness. An active lifestyle is a perfect antidote for the obesity gene. In other words, obesity is not in the genes of people but in the kind of lifestyle they lead.

For the study, material was collected from 218,000 researchers who has carried out extensive studies on the FTO gene. After thorough analysis of all the reports, it was found that the dominance of obesity gene is less in people who lead active live by 27% to 30%.

According to the researcher, the study is very important from public health point of view. People need to be encouraged to bring on more physical activity in their everyday routine. Exercise controls weight in those who are more liable to obesity from the genetic level. By identifying people with this gene and recommending an active lifestyle, a lot of cases of obesity and all related diseases can be reduced.

In other words, genes do not play much role in controlling the weight of a person. If a person does carry the predisposed FTO gene that triggers obesity, he can make it redundant by indulging in a healthy lifestyle and lots of exercise. People who are already obese can include higher physical activity to control this gene and keep slim.