Fat Has A Role To Play In Triggering Breast Cancer

Previous researches have conclusively proved that dense tissues in the breast play a very important role in triggering cancer. However, the role of fat or non dense tissues as a cause for cancer has not been researched extensively so as to arrive at a conclusive proof. Latest research has now revealed the role of these non dense tissues as a cause for cancer and the role has been proved effectiveness. The reports of breast cancer examination for post menopausal women who have been diagnosed with breast cancer were compared with those who do not have cancer. The films obtained from mammograms were analyzed using computer software in order to eliminate errors in reading the reports. The software was used to compare mammograms of non dense and dense tissues.

The women who were above menopausal age and had a high Body Mass Index (BMI) had a higher amount of non dense tissue. The reports correlated that women with a higher BMI had higher dense as well as non dense tissues. Although the computer software did compare results of dense and non dense tissues, it did not compare anything specific. The area of non dense and dense tissues also increased in women who had a higher BMI. The research also found that the size of the breast was not indicative of the presence of dense and non dense tissues. The research also found that although the risk of cancer associated with presence of fat tissues is high, it is not as high as the risk of cancer associated with fibroglandular tissue. Similarly, the risk of cancer in women with a lower amount of dense and non dense tissue have a lower risk of cancer.

It has been found that there was not much difference in breast sizes for women who had same amount of dense tissues while non dense tissues varied. The team of researchers was led by Dr. Carla Van Gils and they belonged to the University Medical Centre Utrecht. The researchers said that fat tissues trigger the release of oestrogen hormone, which is a female sexual hormone. This hormone promotes the activation of ER positive cancer in female with higher BMI. It was also revealed that fat cells in the breast that are responsible for cancer differ from fat tissues in the rest of the body. However, when assessing the risk of breast cancer, it is important to take into consideration fat content in whole of the body.