Fatherhood Can Bring Positive Changes In Men

A recent study has proved that being father can bring many good changes in men. Fatherhood makes men so responsible that they often quit bad habits like smoking, drinking, taking unnecessary risks etc.
The respected researchers from the Oregon State University in the United States after the study have claimed that men after becoming dad leave the tendency of tobacco and alcohol consuming. They also tend to keep distance from crime after being fathers.

For the sake of the study the researchers observed nearly 200 male aged between 12 and 31 years of age for 19 years. Previous studies had proved that men after being married experienced many positive changes in their character and behavior. But the recent study has showed that not only marriage but also the fatherhood is responsible for the positive changes in male behavior. The mentioned study is the first that showed such result. The researchers have claimed that fatherhood can bring changes even in the character of a man who always engages himself in highly risky acts.

Dr. Kerr who was related to the study has considered the fatherhood as a factor that can independently reduce tobacco and alcohol intake among male. It can also control their tendency towards crime.

The study has also showed that males who become fathers in their late 20s or early 30s more likely to avoid negative habits than males who become father when in their teenage.

The researchers have mentioned the result of a study conducted by the University of Warwick in 2005 in this regard. The study result showed that after being father 20 per cent boys willingly tried to avoid smoking among whom 4 per cent succeeded in doing so and another 60 per cent male became successful in avoiding smoking at home.

The study result was appeared in the Journal of Marriage and Family.