Fatty Foods – The Hidden Secret Behind Brighten Our Bad Mood

Have you ever thought deeply why we go towards the ice cream, fatty foods or pizza shop while we think that we are feeling down?

Yes, there is a hidden secret which follows a scientific reason. To satisfy that, a hot serve research has suggested that in general fatty foods are literally served as the comfort food which help to lift our entire mood of that moment.

Even this finding can explain quite clearly why so many people become obese while they are facing a stressful situation.

In this matter Dr Lukas Van Oudenhove from the University of Leuven and his colleagues took the help of MRI scans in order to assess the emotional impact of fat while it was injected into the stomach.

To justify the entire fact, they involved twelve healthy weight volunteers, whom they were scanned by the brain waves. But the result had shown a series of natural and sad images. It was too much bad than exposing them towards sad and natural music.

After that they put either saline or fatty acids into their stomachs, but they had not tell anything to those volunteers which they were inserting within those body.

Which, apart from that also indicated that they actually wanted to bypass the entire effects of sensory stimulation, that usually associate with childhood foods.

From that study those group of researchers have found that those music expression lead people mood towards the board feeling. But the more surprising news was that the people who consumed fatty acids wear 50 % of sadness free with respect to those who had received saline.

Oudenhove said in Daily Mail “Eating of fat is quite being able to make us less vulnerable in term of sad emotions, while we do not know what we are eating.”

Moreover, the scientists also said that their entire finding could somehow much more important at the time of implications for people living with eating disorders, depression as well as obesity.

The entire result and the study has published in the Journal of Clinical Investigation earlier this week.