“Feel Good“ Brain Chemical Is Linked Up With The Cot Death

Few days ago a research has made, within which the scientists have found that cot death is directly link up with feel good brain chemical. Through out the entire research those of the honorable researchers have shown that the chemical, in general which is associated with keeping mood on an even keel, is the primary key of breathing as well as the regulator of the body temperature.

In this existing year clot death already affects more than 300 British Babies including boys, low birth or premature weight infants or babies. The rate of risk is too much high for those whose parents always smoke in front of them.

In this regard, the researchers from the country of US have used genetic technique in order to create mice along with an off switch on the cell of brain or neurons, which in general make serotonin.

Switched off serotonin production partially indicates for distracting animals from keeping their body temperature up, while the air around them is chilled.

But you should always remember that lack of serotonin always leaves its bad affect on breathing.

In this regard, the scientists from the US left the mice under exposed carbon dioxide and they found that this is accumulated while a bay is sleeping for face down. The result says that a mouse has taken deep and fast breaths in order to get toxic gas out from their system.

Apart from that, only breathing can change the animals lacking serotonin by leaving those at a greater risk of poisoning of carbon dioxide.

With the sequence to the fact Susan Dymecki, the researchers from the Havard University, has stated “This finding has become successful to show how the breathing response to carbon dioxide is regulated by the serotonin, a neuron.”