Fish Helps In Reducing Risk of Cardiovascular Diseases and Diabetes

Latest research from the University of Valencia has confirmed that people who consume more amounts of fish are better protected against cardiovascular diseases and type II diabetes. It was also found that fish is active in lowering concentration of blood glucose. In contrast, other kinds of meats, especially red meat, tend to increase the risk of these diseases as well as blood sugar level. These meats also lead to obesity while fish does not cause such an undesirable side effect.

Mercedes Sotos Prieto, the lead author of the present study said that consumption of saturated meats in the form of red meats led to an increase in the risk of various chronic and long term diseases. This rise in risk was seen in the Mediterranean countries where this trend of food consumption is higher and a serous cause of concern. The current research focused on finding out if there was a relation between the risk of chronic diseases and consumption of fish and meat.

The staple diet of the Mediterranean consists of red meat and fish. In order to establish the links between these two factors, a total of 945 people residing in the Mediterranean region were considered. All were adults between the age group 55 to 80, and out of these, there were 605 females and 340 males. It was found that all these people had a high risk of heart problems.

When diets were analyzed further, it was found that people who ate more fish and less red meat had a lower degree of risk of cardiac diseases and diabetes. On the other hand, if red meat was predominant in the diet, the risk was higher. It was also found that the average weight of people who had a higher red meat to fish ratio was higher than those who had a lower ratio of the same. Again, people who consumed more processed red meat suffered higher risk and were more overweight.

It was found that the average consumption of red meat was at least once a day, which is much above average. However, it was found that a lot of people ate grilled red meat instead of fried. Despite this, it was found that fish consumption, even when consumed fried, was better for the body.

People who consumed red meat once a day were exposed to a higher risk of heart diseases, type II diabetes, hypertension, cancer and shorter life span. It was found that those who ate fish lived longer and healthier lives.