Fish Supplement Does Not Help Child’s Brain Growth

A recent study reports that taking fish pills does not increase intelligence of children of six years. Though, there were a former believe that eating fish piles in pregnancy help to develop baby’s brain. Fish has fatty acids, such as Docosahexaenoic acid or DHA is believed to improve the development of fetus. Sometimes ago, a Norwegian study ran a survey among some children of seven years some of whose mothers took fish oil spills in pregnancy and some of whose mother did not take any fish oil pills during their pregnancy and finally they  reported that there were no difference in IQ level of those children.

In the present experiment researchers give fish oil and a Folate supplement, only Folate supplement and a pill that is devoid of any supplement respectively to four groups of pregnant ladies. After almost seven years the leader of the team Dr. Cristina Campoy of the University of Granada in Spain ran a test of IQ among the 154 students, whose mother were requested to take the pills prescribed by the researcher team. The result was that the intelligence level of the children found to be similar irrespective of the pills their mother had taken.

It does not mean that DHA is not important for the brain development of children. It had been noticed that the mothers who had high level of DHA in their Red Blood Cell or RBC gave birth to children who performed above average level in the intelligence test. But the fact is that they didn’t take fish supplement necessarily. But the performance of their child was the result of their long term DHA intake from various sources, not necessarily only from the fish supplements.

The DHA does not also help in the visual development of a child, says an Australian study.

Dr. Ingrid Helland of Oslo university Hospital said that supplements could be recommended but there was no proof that it would help the development of child.