Good Fats Shaped Up Waistline

A group of researchers after a recent study has claimed that consuming ‘good’ fats like whole grains, olive oil, good quality of meat and various vegetables can reduce waistline. Besides reducing waistline the good fat can also turn on people’s mood, the researchers have mentioned. Previous researches claimed that consuming foods which are rich in fat content, sugar and processed foods damage the shape of our waistlines. But the authors of the book titled The Happiness Diet has mentioned that besides damaging our waistlines the fat based foods also destroy our good and light mood. According to them what we eat is directly related to our mood. Eating extra fat contents affects our mood badly and sometimes, just destroys it.
Drew Ramsey who is a clinical psychiatrist at Columbia University and Tyler Graham who is a health writer has mentioned that eating right kind of food is very necessary for maintaining good mental health. They have drawn our attention to the rise of obesity and depression cases among the American people in last few years and according to them the cause lies in people’s increasing dependency on Standard American Diet or SAD diet in last few years.

According to the researchers the generally prescribed diet to cut down body fats are not enough or you can say, not good at all because until you feel good at heart nothing in your life can be good. They have mentioned that magnesium, vitamin B12 and conjugated linoleic acid are very important to maintain good mood and the prescribed diets ignores their importance. On the other hand a diet which includes ‘good’ fats like whole grains, olive oil, good quality of meat and various vegetables maintains our mental health efficiently which in turn makes us more satisfied and filled which is very important in losing weight.