Govt’s Big Plan To Treat Mental Illness

As the govt. is really very concern about the treatment of mental illness of mental patients it set up 11 centers of excellence and 23 departments of psychiatry in numbers of government medical colleges all over the country. The function of these centers will be to make some trained people who can help in treating mental patients. Nowadays the Govt. is facing a problem of the lack of man power in treating these patients.

The target of the Govt. is to establish 120 such centers by the end of this year or within the next year maximum. At present Govt. is working on establishing 9 such departments.

The Govt. has many other progressive plans regarding this issue. It has reported to thinking of increasing 2 more seats for MD study in Psychiatry in the excellence centers and also of increasing 8 more seats for the student, who want to go with M Phil in clinical psychology and 20 more seats for Diplomas In Psychiatric Nursing for the students, who wants to learn nursing in the Govt. Colleges.

There are only 4500 Psychiatrists in the country. With so little number of doctors it is impossible to treat the mental patients properly. That’s why the Govt. is taking these measures to build an infrastructure to treat these patients.

During the Mental Health Week from October 10-17 the National Mental Health Programme of Ministry of Health and Family Welfare is planning for various awareness programs to draw attention to the problem of mental patients.