Having Kidney Stones Earlier Leads To Diabetes Later On

A recent study has proved that people who had kidney stones have higher risk of developing Type 2 Diabetes in later time than those who had never suffered from the problem to kidney stones.

Before that many research works and studies proved close relation between diabetes and developing kidney stones. According to those studies people with high level of diabetes are more prone to develop stones in their kidneys than those people who are not sufferers of diabetes problems. But till date the reverse was not proved. The recent study has at last proved that the reverse is also true.

For the sake of the study the researchers chose 94000 Taiwanese adults including those who had kidney stones and those who had not kidney stones. They found that those people who had kidney stones had 30 percent higher risk of the diagnosis of diabetes than those people who had not suffered from kidney stones. 12.4 percent of the 23000 people who had suffered from kidney stones earlier among the total 94000 people reported to develop diagnosis while only 9.6 percent of the 70700 people who had not suffered from kidney stones reported to develop diabetes.

Researchers have found out many other common factors between having kidney stone and developing diabetes and that are obesity, old age and certain other health related problems.

Some contents of urine in human body named Calcium, Uric Acid, Oxalate etc. lead to form stones in kidney. According to doctors high level of the Hormone Insulin too contributes to the forming of stones by surprisingly changing the composition of urine.  On the other hand when the body lose control over the level of insulin hormone that leads to develop diabetes. Thus this two health problems are related to each other, said the researchers.