HDL Reduces Chances Of Stroke

There is a long term belief in common people that cholesterol should be a strict “no – no” if you want to dodge heart attack. But a study has proved almost a reverse theory most recently. According to the study one can cut out the chances of heart attack by boosting up the level of high – density lipoprotein, which is commonly known as HDL or the “good” cholesterol, in blood.

With the sequence to the fact the researchers ran the study among a number of diabetic patients, because they always have a strong chance of having heart diseases. Diabetic patients are eighty seven percent more likely to have heart diseases than non – diabetic patients.

The researchers studied over 30067 diabetic patient,s who were listed in Kaiser Permanente Diabetes Registries in Oregon, Washington and Georgia, starting from 2001 to 2006. The researchers accepted that they took the HDL or the high – density lipoprotein measurement of each patient for minimum two times in between 6 and 24 months apart. Then they listed all the results and kept observing the patients for up to 8 years to see, whether they got a heart attack or stroke.

Gregory Nichols, PhD, senior investigator with the Kaiser Permanente Centre for Health Research in Portland, who was also the lead author, has asserted that the HDL or the high – density lipoprotein or the good cholesterol can reduce the chances of heart diseases including heart attack or stroke. But he has also said that there is not any prominent evidence of the study report that good cholesterol reduces chances of heart attack or stroke. While there are clear cut evidences that bad cholesterol or the LDL or low – density lipoprotein increases the chances of heart diseases like heart attack or stroke. He has also said that their study is obviously an addition to the strategy of reducing heart attack.