Health And Soft Drinks Destroy Health

Energy drinks becoming popular

Energy drinks were consumed by sportsmen to boost their levels of energy. This was necessary, as food did not always prove to be adequate to maintain their energy levels. Therefore, energy drinks were used for an instant boost to the energy level. However, the drinks are fast gaining popularity with the American youth who want to increase the level of energy.Health drinks are consumed by children

Today, children who are younger than twelve years are also consuming these so-called energy boosters packaged as health drinks. However, there are several side effects associated with these energy drinks that most of us are not aware about these bad effects on the health.

Soft drinks destroying the country’s youth

The consumption of soft drinks has become as common as drinking water. However, these drinks act as diuretic that deprives the bodies of necessary hydration. The high amount of sugar found in these sparkling drinks requires a large amount of water to be broken down. The large sugar component in the soft drinks results in the pancreas increasing the production of insulin, which can result in a sugar crash. In comparison, health drinks are made will natural ingredients that assist the body in retaining water. The reduction of sugar and insulin can cause diabetes, which can be dangerous for children.

Caffeine is dangerous

The primary component in an energy drink is caffeine, which enhances the cognitive activities of an individual providing a sense of delight to the person. Energy drinks comprise some healthy items, such as vitamin B, sugar, carbonated water, and other natural herbs. However, even with these beneficial ingredients, the high amount of caffeine found in these drinks make them a health hazard. Over-indulging in energy drinks cause significant harm to the health of consumers, especially in children.

Psychological and physiological effects of health drinks

Several items, such as guarana, gingko, biloba, ginseng, carnitine, and acai are used to extract caffeine. These ingredients are known to have several psychological and physiological side effects, such as nervous breakdowns and temper tantrums. In addition, the aerated soft drinks comprise Aspartame, which is a major cause of depression, sleep disorders, neurological disorders, and numerous other health disorders. There are more than ten thousand complaints with the FDA with regards to Aspartame, which is more than 75% of the total complaints. The acidic content of soft drinks cause the metal cans to erode, which can cause havoc to our digestive systems.