Health Card: Powerful Card for Ontario Resident

Healthcare service is getting more and more expensive thus having reliable health insurance coverage is a necessity. People who live in Ontario are really lucky as the Government has advanced healthcare system known as Ontario Health Insurance Policy or OHIP. Under this policy, all eligible Ontario citizens could access Ontario Province-funded healthcare service.

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The OHIP Act regulates that The Government should provide primary healthcare service for its citizens. To proof that you are eligible to OHIP, you must have an OHIP membership card or widely known as Health Card. This card is among the most important things for citizen of Ontario as this is the key to access Ontario Province-funded healthcare services. There are no complicated requirements to obtain Health Card. The primary requirement is you can proof that you are a legal Canadian citizen or at least hold permanent resident permit.  

It is also important to proof that your primary residency is in Ontario or at least be physically present in Ontario for 153 days within 12 months period.  You can apply for Health Card through local OHIP offices or The Ministry of Health and Long-Term Care’s dedicated homepage. On the homepage, you can learn complete information about OHIP and download all required forms for Health Card application. Once you complete all form, you can mail the forms to local OHIP offices.

Currently there are two types of Health Card: the old red and white and the new version with photo. Both types are still eligible to access OHIP service however, you are encourage to ask for new photo card when you renew your Health Card. In this case you need to come in present to local OHIP offices with completed renewal form ( you can download it from OHIP homepage) and original document as proof that you are an Ontario resident. If there are some changes in your details such as name, address, or others, you need to inform it on the renewal form completed with legal documents to proof it.

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Health Card is an important card that you must carry anywhere you go. Under OHIP coverage, you can also use the card to access healthcare services while you are out of province or even out of country. In case of you must pay for the services, some of your expenses could be reimbursed on local OHIP services. Off course, not all expenses could be reimbursed. You can learn more information about ot from OHIP homepage.