Healthy Diet Can Reduce Cholesterol

In today’s world many of us suffered from high cholesterol and the problems towards which high cholesterol leads. We often take cholesterol reducing drugs to control our cholesterol level, but most of the time that does not work. In a recent study researchers have claimed that they found out an effective way to beat the high level of cholesterol. According to them to decrease the level of cholesterol in our body the more effective way than taking cholesterol reducing drugs is to take healthy and balanced diet.

The researchers have explained that an unhealthy diet with lots of sugar and less nutrient product can bring the level of cholesterol up. So they have suggested that if we take a healthy diet with lots of nutrient products including fruits, vegetables, and nuts and less sugar we can surely reduce the cholesterol level.

According to the study the cholesterol reducing drug named Statin leads to various side effects including reduction of energy and at the same time it creates various sex problems in life. So it is better to avoid them and go with healthy and balanced full of nutrients diet to get control over cholesterol level, according to the researchers.

For the study the researchers chose 345 people and requested them to be their subjects of the study for six months. Those people were distributed in two groups. One group was assigned to take low saturated fat diet that included plain low fat dairy along with lots of fruits and vegetables. On the other hand the other group was requested to take cholesterol reducing food that included sufficient soy proteins, nuts, oats, Peas and beans. After six months they found that the second group had reached to three times lower cholesterol level than the first group.

Readers can find the study report in the Journal of the American Medical Association.