Healthy Diet Of Mothers Is Essential For Babies

A recent study has showed that women, who take good and healthy Diet give birth to babies with less Birth Problems. Researchers claimed that if a mother takes diet including lots of fruits, vegetables and grains and vitamin supplement with folic acid gives birth to baby with fewer problems in brain or spine or the problems of cleft lips or cleft palate. The problems of brain and spine are called the neural tube defects, which occur to babies in a stage when even the mother can know about her pregnancy.

From 1900’s Folic Acid is being fortified in grain products, because deficiency of folic acid can lead to neural tube problem. Researchers ran a study to find out whether the effect of eating healthy diet is equivalent to the effect of taking vitamin supplements. With in the study they approached to the National Birth Defects Prevention Study for chosing the data of 3400 women, who

gave birth to babies with Neural Tube Problem or with the problem of Cleft Lips or Cleft Palate and the data of 6100 women, who gave birth to normal and healthy children. The researchers then interrogated them and found that women, who took a diet which almost matched the USDA’s nutrition diet chart gave birth to babies, who have hardly the neural tube problem but the women, who chose the furthest similar diet had babies with these defects. The proportion of having these problems in babies was ½:1 respectively.

So it is an alarm for the women, who are pregnant or expecting pregnancy to take the above suggested kind of diet for the sake of their babies.