High Aspirin Intake Can Save Diabetics from Heart Attacks

University of Alberta finds benefits in Aspirin

Aspirin, when taken in high doses, can prevent or reduce the risk of heart attacks among those who are diabetic. The study was conducted by Canadian researchers and the results were found to be highly conclusive. Scot Simpson from the University of Alberta conducted the research. He headed the study team comprising of his colleagues from the university. The effect of an extra dose of aspirin was found to have a positive effect on people with different levels of diabetes.

Study conducted on diabetics with heart attack history

For the study, the team of researchers considered diabetics who had previous incidences of strokes and/or heart attacks. Twenty-one cases of such people were considered. On detailed study on the effect of aspirin on diabetics with heart ailments, it was found that those who took 81gm of aspirin were benefited in an almost negligible way from the drug.

Low doses of aspirin are not much help in combating cardiovascular ailments

The drug played very little role in prevention of a heart attack for the second time. The risk of death and other serious complications was also not reduced in a significant manner due to aspirin. When the study was conducted on people who took 325gm of aspirin every day, the risk of further heart attacks and strokes was found to be reduced by 23%.

Diabetics suffer high risk of stroke

Simpson stated that people who are diabetic are a much higher risk of falling prey to heart diseases, including fatal ones that may trigger death. Mortality due to heart ailments is high in people with diabetes. According to the latest statistics, more than 60% of diabetics die due to complications of the heart. Aspirin eases the flow of blood through the arteries and prevents clotting of blood. The pressure on the heart is lessened, leading to reduction in risk of heart attacks.

High aspirin dose can prevent first attack as well a recurrence

High doses of aspirin can prevent the first attack, according to studies. In the study conducted on diabetics, it was concluded that aspirin, when taken in high doses is beneficial in reducing the risk of heart attack for the first time in diabetics who have never suffered strokes. Among those who did have a stroke history, the risk of recurrence was reduced significantly. Aspirin is a common drug and does not need a prescription. Diabetics need to take doctor’s advice before taking the drug.