High Fat Diet Injures Brain

It is well known that foods rich in fat contents lead to many serious health problems. Most recently a group of researchers has found that high fat foods besides causing health problems also injure brain.

The study was conducted by the researchers from the University of Washington School of Medicine. Researchers first ran the study over some rodents in lab. They found that the rodents developed injuries in the hypothalamus after they were put on high fat diet. Hypothalamus is the portion of brain that is responsible for controlling hunger. In simple words hypothalamus informs us when we are full. The researchers have claimed to have found alike kind of injuries in the hypothalamus of people who eats lots of high fat foods.

Michael Schwartz who was a co-author of the aforementioned study has stated that they had discovered injury in the hypothalamus area of rodents within 24 hours of shifting them to high fat diets. He has also mentioned that they have not yet been successful in discovering the actual cause why high fat diets harm hypothalamus.

The researchers have also claimed that as a result of the injury to the hypothalamus area people lose control over their urge of eating and they become obese.

According to another co author of the study, Joshua Thaler Schwartz and his co researchers has hypothesized that the obesity might has its link in inflammation of hypothalamus. He has also mentioned that the inflammation of hypothalamus may lead to brains inefficiency of responding to insulin and some other hormones and controlling our body weight.

For the sake of the study the researchers took some mice and rats. They put some of the mice and rats on high fat diet and some on regular diet. After four weeks of study period they found brain injury in mice and rats, put on high fat diet.

The study was appeared in the Journal of Clinical Investigation.