High Levels Of Vit-C Reduce Heart Disease Risk

A group of researchers from the University of Ulsan in South Korea after a recent study has claimed that people who have low amount of Vitamin C in their body are 2.4 times more prone to have high levels of a protein named hsCRP. hsCRP is responsible for developing inflammation or swelling and heart diseases in people. The researcher group has mentioned that people who have low levels of Vit-C and hsCRP protein in the amount over 3 mg/liter are two times more prone to die from cardiovascular diseases than others. Researchers have claimed that the study is the first to disclose the link between Vit – C in body and heart diseases.

Eun Kyeung Song who is the assistant professor in nursing in the College of Medicine under the University of Ulsan has mentioned that it is been found that people with high levels of Vit C in body have higher survival chance in heart failure than people who have low Vit C in body. According to the statement received at the Ulsan University’s side the researchers conducted the study over 212 patients of average 61 years. Among those patients one third was women and almost 45 per cent of the patients were likely to have severe heart failure.

The researchers followed four days long food diary verified by registered dietician. They also followed a software program to evaluate the link between their Vit C consumption and the level of hsCRP in their body. Researchers maintained two groups – one contained patients who had hsCRP in the amount of 3mg/lit and another group contained patients with lower levels. They observed the patients for one year.

They found that 39 per cent of people had deficiency of Vit C in body. After a year 29 per cent of people face cardiac problems or died of heart diseases.

The study results were disclosed in the American Heart Association`s Scientific Sessions, 2011.