HIV Test Kits Showing Inaccurate Result

An alarm is ringed by the Medicines and Healthcare products Regulatory Agency, abbreviated as MHRA when after a study they has found that some home testing kits used by people at their home for HIV testing give incorrect results. They have also mentioned that those testing kits are not legal. The study result has raised the same objection of showing inaccurate results against some of the legal testing kits for testing some other sexually transmitted diseases too.

The researchers for the study took under investigation a United Kingdom based website which sale the testing kits. When they saw the selling record of the mentioned website they found that nearly 500 home testing kits for sexually transmitted diseases including HIV, Chlamydia and Syphilis had already been sold out. They informed the public that the HIV test kits were illegal and the kits for the testing of other sexually transmitted diseases also did not fulfill the European Regulations. The Health Protection agency also informed the people who had already bought the kits that the output of those kits might be wrong, so they did not take any step depending on those results and they should contact experts.

Susanne Ludgate who is the clinical director of devices in MHRA mentioned their concern about those people who had bought those kits which had not yet registered for the same complaint and they advised people not to rely on internet for such testing. The agency find out those people who had ordered those testing kits to warn them about the risk of using those kits and try to convince them not to use those testing kits.

They also have advised the people always to be careful of the quality of those tests and make sure whether the tests are approved. If they find the CE mark on the tests that will mean that the test are approved.