Home Instead Senior Care Network Tries Hard to Reach More Seniors

It’s the period when a bigger risk of natural calamities such as floods, earth quakes, tornadoes, hurricanes, tsunamis and heat waves are making the headlines. The Older adults can be mostly susceptible to such calamities; even more so if they are living alone. According to the U.S. Census Bureau, just about one-third of all seniors crossing the age of 65 are home alone.

Lack of services in some parts of the country, particularly rural areas, can leave seniors defenseless. This is the reason the Home Instead Senior Care network has declared a Senior 911 disaster attentiveness checklist as the network works to get bigger into under-served areas. The idea of an imminent tornado, fire or flood can hit fear in the hearts of any owner. Can you imagine the conditions of being a senior home alone?

About Thirty percent of the country’s seniors over the age of seventy live alone, according to the U.S. Census Bureau. This season can be an alarming time for the older adults as well as their family caregivers, particularly those who live many miles from their senior loved ones,” said Jeff Huber, president and Chief Operating Officer (COO) of Home Instead, Inc., franchisor of the Home Instead Senior Care® network.

Aging has mental inferences. Other than the thought of death or dying our acknowledgment that we are aging may be one of the deepest shocks we ever get. Once we pass the invisible line of Sixty five our years are bench marked for the remainder of the game of life. Then they are no longer in the mature age instead we are classified as “old”, or “senior citizens”.

How we cope with the changes we face and stresses of altered status depends on our basic personality. There are mainly three basic personality types that have been recognized according to the studies and the researches done. It may be an generalization but it makes the point about personality effectively:

It is seen that Old age troubles might happen from the age of fifty, but it all depends on the overall health of a person in youth. Happy young people can grow happy in old age, but it is one of the hardest truths to believe that life does not give a chance. Its heavy springs up reverse back in the old age.

The loss of buddy, relatives and dear ones leave people behind alone and this isolation can cause much depression in old age. As people grow older, a lot of bodily problems start to become visible like muscle pain, arthritis, bowel syndrome, gout, prostate, heart problems, hypertension, overweight, asthma, bone weakness, osteoporosis, foot problems, dementia, diabetes, sleep disturbances, sight, hearing and speaking difficulty are common ailments of age.

In order to decrease the risks of having these harms, one should take up normal physical activity, which is not only safe and sound but also enjoyable. It will keep your body healthy and have check on your weight. Regular checkup is highly essential and unavoidable in old age problems.