Honey Can Boost Memory In Women

A recent study showed that Malaysian honey if taken one spoonful every day increases the memory of women in their postmenopausal stage. The goal of the study was to find an way to prevent the hormone related intellectual decay.

Researchers selected 102 women and requested them to e the subject of their study. These women were divided into three groups. One group was requested to take 20 grams of honey every day. The second group was asked to go through a hormone replacement therapy, which includes estrogen and progesterone and the last group was advised to just do nothing. They were requested to follow the routine every day for four months.  Then a short term memory test was taken. In that test those women, who ate honey or those, who went through the hormone replacement therapy, which includes estrogen and progesterone remembered one extra word among 15 given words than those women who did nothing. According to the researcher team honey from the tropical tualang tree work on bones, scars, female reproductive organs and now even on memory.

It is true that the study result is not properly welcomed by all the scientists. Dr. Natalie L. Rasgon of the Stanford School of Medicine has told that before we discuss about whether honey can boost memory or not we must keep it in mind that honey can increase the blood sugar level, because 20 grams of honey would give the body 60 calories of sugar. She has also said that there is a division among the scientists about the effect of hormones on memory. Some believes that hormones increase memory and some believes that hormones do not have any effect on memory. Additionally the tualang honey is very expansive and it costs $40 per gram.