How to Become a Professional Hospital Equipment Repair Worker

A hospital equipment repair technician works in hospitals, as well as other types of medical facilities, to ensure that the medical equipment the doctors and nurses use to treat and diagnosis patients is safe and operates to the best of its ability. To work as a hospital equipment repair worker, you will need to know how to properly repair and calibrate hospital equipment, and also train the medical staff to use the equipment correctly as well.

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If you have only a high school diploma, you will need to also obtain at least a two-year degree in engineering, physics or electronics. You can easily enroll in a program to get this degree at a vocational school, community college or university in your area. Find out about local schools that offer programs in hospital equipment repair by conducting a simple online search.

In order to get an entry level job as a hospital equipment repairer, you will need to earn an associate’s degree of applied science in biomedical engineering technology, associate’s degree of applied science in electronics engineering technology or even a bachelor’s degree of science in biomedical engineering technology. People will learn about physiology, anatomy, technical documentation, patient safety and medical terminology in these specific programs.

After you obtain your degree, you will also need to get the proper certification to work as a hospital equipment repairer. The Association for Advancement of Medical Instrumentation offers different types of certification programs including biomedical equipment technician and laboratory equipment certifications. It is required that you get certified every three years and document your education and professional experience.

Once you get all of the right certifications and degrees, you can then start looking for a job as a hospital equipment repairer. To beef up your resume, you can get an internship at a local hospital to get some real world experience. It is wise to shadow a person who works in the same field as you do, or even work as their assistant for three to six months so that you can learn how to properly handle the equipment you will be dealing with.

If you want to work in a growing industry that will provide you with financial and emotional stability, then working as a hospital equipment repairer could be perfect for you. There will be a demand for this type of work in the next few years as the elderly population increases.