How To Minimize Air Pollution In Our Homes for Healthy Living

Out of one of the essential factors that are vital for health is fresh and dirt free air. Our airbags and the lungs have quite a number of characteristics that enable them to capture and eliminate many particles that go into the airways. The respiratory system produces mucus which catches unknown particles. The exterior materials are then swept to the upper airway, by specialized cells (Celia), where it can be removed. The airways themselves are bounded by lymphatic system nodes and vessels which are also ready to capture and deal with any foreign matter which it encounters.

Also inside the lungs there are macrophages which a sweep the lungs actively to get rid of any substance that gets through the upper airway guards. However, these protective mechanisms can become overloaded and this allows atmospheric pollutants and irritants to enter and swell the lungs. Make plans out for some outdoor activities, when the quality of air is the best. This is usually in the morning or evening. Furthermore, make sure that any work outs or exercising is done far away from busy highways or heavily traveled roads.

One thing for concern is the quantity of air pollution that is in our home. A lot of people are aware of outdoor pollution, but not many people may be aware that the indoor pollution level is on average two to three times higher than that of outdoor pollution. This poisonous indoor atmosphere is contributing to constant health problems. Few of the interior pollutants are able to get away from our respiratory systems detection and they go into our blood stream. They pass to all areas of the body.

During the course of moving inside our body they cause problems. The poisonous substances cause problems for the body on their way in, when they move around the body, when they are stored and when they are on their way out of the body. They annoy the tissues thereby causing the cells to stop working and mutagenic changes to occur.

One means would be to use Hybrid vehicles because these types of vehicles make about a fourth of the pollution as compared to the average vehicle. You can imagine the global effects if everyone started driving such vehicles. By green energy like the wind power, solar power, and biomass energy, rather than using fossil fuels for energy, would also have a large impact on air pollution.

Bad indoor air quality is a subject of concern mostly for vulnerable groups such as pregnant women, babies and young children the sick and the elderly. Create every attempt to create a less toxic and therefore safer environment in you house. You can moreover use air purifiers to remove the toxins from the air so that you have a chance of removing the toxins before they enter your body. In the longer run you may also need to make choices about where you live and where you work for the sake of your health.