Humidity – The Reason Behind Sinus

There are many people in the world who suffer from Sinus, which causes blockage in nasal passage and creates a very disgusting medical condition. We often think that the culprits behind Sinus are either infection or allergy. But a recent study has proved that the cause behind Sinus is humidity.

Kai Zhao, who is a bioengineer at the Monell Centre suggested that doctors should keep in mind that while treating Sinus they must emphasize on restoring optimal humidity and temperature of the sufferers nasal passage.

To fulfill the entire purpose of the study the researchers have chosen 44 healthy people, whom they kept for observation within the period of study. Where they were requested to take breathe air from three given boxes. Within that people, who breathe the room air at normal humidity has reported less nasal congestion than those people, who have breathe from the boxes, which contained dry air as well as cold air. Moreover, people who have breathe the cold air, have found to be suffered from nasal congestion more than any other problem.

The Monell Centre reported that from the study that lower humidity often resulted in nasal congestion it could be concluded that the humidity is a very significant factor behind Sinus.

The authors of the study emphasized that if the temperature and the humidity come in close contact with each other and after that if the air enters into nose that cause cooling of the nasal environment. Because of that coolness the cool sensors situated at the inside of nose sense the feeling as being either easy air flow or blocked air flow.

The co author of the study Bruce Bryant of the Sensory scientist at Monell has commented that someone, who lives in desert suffered less from Sinus than someone, who lives in a jungle because of the low humidity level in desert.