Immune System Determines Choice Of Fragrances

Perfume is favorite to all of us. There will be hardly any person, who does not like the sweet fragrance of perfumes. Most of us have fascination to buy various kinds of perfumes. Some of us like to experiment, using various fragrances, while some of us like to stick to their own fav perfumes. From the day when perfumes were invented people has been bearing a belief that we use perfumes to cover our own body odor.

A recent study has proved that the reality is actually in the reverse position of the belief. According to the study we select perfumes that match and enhance our body odor instead of masking it. Researchers said that the perfumes, which we select at our own and when mixes up with our body odor, creates a more attractive smell than the smell created by the perfume, which is chosen by other persons.

The researchers asked 21 people to volunteer in the study. Each of the guys was asked to choose a perfume at their own and to spray the perfume on their armpit. The guys were also given a perfume that they did not select at their own. They were requested to spray the perfume on their other armpits. Then 21 ladies were requested to judge smell of the guys and to give their opinions. The researchers found from these opinion that ladies found the smells more attractive, which are created by the perfumes that the guys chose themselves.

The researchers have concluded that there is a relation between our choice of fragrances and our immune system. Our immune system actually determines our body odor and our choice of fragrances. That’s why we get attracted to people, who have same immune system to ourselves and distracted by those, who have Different Immune System.