Increase In Acid Reflux Hints at Increase in Esophagus Cancer

According to latest studies, there is an alarming increase in cases of acid influx. The study has shown that the number of cases of acid influx has increased by 50% when compared to the number of cases that existed a decade ago. It has also come to light that between the two genders, it is the women who are more vulnerable to the problem. The researchers of the study also said that an increase in acid influx hints at an increase in the cases of cancer of the esophagus. In keeping with the results of the study, the number of cases of esophagus cancer has increased in the recent times.

One of the reasons of esophagus cancer is acid influx. In this condition, the acids and enzymes in the stomach rise into the esophagus causing acidity in the esophagus. This is also the cause for heartburns and it causes a constriction or pain in the chest. The cancer of the esophagus is one of the cancers that are very difficult to treat. Also, the increase has been a global phenomenon.

The study has been a long term study spanning eleven years between 1995-96 and 2006-09. It has been undertaken in the Norwegian University of Science and Technology and the lead researcher is Eivind Ness-Jensen. The study involved 30,000 participants. This was conducted as part of the Norwegian Nord-Trondelag Health study. The results of the study found a definite increase in the cases of acid flux and corresponding increase in the cases of esophagus cancer.

The study found that in the eleven years of study period, the number of cases of acid influx has registered an increase of 30%. Furthermore, 24% registered very serious symptoms.  It was also found that there was an increase in the frequency of acid influx attacks. There was an increase of 47% in people who experienced the symptoms at once in a week. Interestingly, the increase was found equally in both genders. The age group during which the symptoms were experienced the most was throughout the middle age. 98% of the people who complained of severe acidity or acid influx had to use medication at least once a week. The use of drugs was lower in people who experienced milder symptoms.

The chance of developing the problem increased with age. Majority of the most severe conditions of acid influx were found in people between 60 and 69 years of age and it was found mostly in women of this age. Acid influx reduced without medication in only 2% of people.