Indian Parents Give Priority To Brain Over Heart

A recent study has proved that Indian parents are more worried about their children’s brain development than healthy hearts. A recent study was conducted by global market research company, Ipsos. They gave a chart of foods, which can develop many aspects of a child’s health to the parents of 24 countries. The study included nearly 18,680 parents, who were aged between 16 years and 64 years. The study ran in the time between Feb 2 and June 13, 2011. The parents were asked to rank the foods considering their benefit according to their choice.

After the study it was found that twenty four percent of Indian parents went with the food that would help in their child’s brain development, where as twenty percent went with the food that would help their children to build up a good immunity system.13 percent went with healthy heart and another 13 percent with safety from diseases in older age.

On the contrary, in other foreign countries twenty three percent parents gave priority to healthy heart, where as immunity system building, brain development and safety from diseases in older age got 18 percent support each.

There were many differences among the priorities of the parents all over the world. The parents from China, Japan, Saudi Arabia and South Korea thought that building up a strong immunity system was important, while parents from Spain, Belgium, Russia, and Britain thought that a healthy heart was the most important requirement for their children. Parents from France, Italy, Sweden and Germany thought that safety from diseases in the older age was most important, while the parents from India gave most of the importance to the development of brain.

Sonia Pall, who is the CEO, Ipsos has said that the choices of the parents were affected by the supply of different healthy food and medicines in their countries, their own thinkings etc.