Indoor Pollution May Ups The Women Cardio Risk

Near about all the women likes to practice cooking at home.

But, you must know the fact that during the period of cooking with cow or wood millions of fine particles of air pollution are formed inside the house, which can even lead them towards premature death and lung disease.

Globally Biomass fuels have become the primary energy source for more than two billion of people on their kitchen.

The researchers at the University of Wisconsin-Madison have also found that the air pollution which generally forms inside the house may even increase the blood pressure of the women at an older age.

With the sequence to the fact Jill Baumgartner, doctoral student of UW-Madison, stated “I had spent a lot of my early time in the kitchen by watching women cook in their kitchens and just entering the kitchen my eyes used to start burning, additionally I used to get some little difficulties at the time of breathing. Though, many women talked about this discomfort earlier, but they still had to do their work at their own kitchen under this circumstance.”

Baumgartner later also mentioned “Most women are now exposing this smoke for several hours a day, even though their cooking stove is vented, they often have to choose a second fire options additionally.”

In this regard, Environmental Health Perspectives reported that throughout the whole study Baumgartner and colleagues had made a co relation between high leaves of Indoor air pollution along with a signify blood pressure between the women of over 50 years of age.

With the sequence to the fact the statement that came out from the Wisconsin university stated “Some earlier studies have already proved that clearing fuels and improving stoves the rate of indoor pollution can be decreased by near about 50 to 75 percent.”