Japanese Scientists Have Created An Artificial Sperm

A team of scientists from Japan have now started to claim that they have invented a viable artificial sperm, which can use system cells. This major breakthrough has come out from the outcome of the new research which can even lead this new kind of treatments towards a new destiny.

In this regard the Telegraph report is stating “A team of scientists from the Kyoto University in Japan have invented a sperm-producing germ cell in their laboratory, which they have transferred into the infertile mice and quite successfully this treatment has respond well.”

With the sequence to the above fact the scientists have claimed that this treatment can even help thousands of infertile men to become father if it effects similarly with in human body.

The main fact is to make the sperm with the mouse they have used those system cells from mouse embryos, which in general creates sperm in men. But while they have transplanted that into the testicles of an infertile mice, then it produces sperm which are looking like the photo copy of the original sperm.

In this matter the entire team, which have been lead by the Dr Katsuhiko Hayashi, has injected the sperm into the egg of the mouse and there after has implanted them into the body of the female, which quite successfully gives birth of a healthy pups. After that they have noticed while the baby grew up, then they have responded natural.

Though, before that many scientists have tried it many times, but have failed to do so. In most of the cases it has given the birth of an unhealthy offspring, which has died soon.