“Junk DNA” Distinguish Human From Chimpanzees

Although all of the scientists do not agree, we believe that chimpanzees are our ancestors, that means in the process of evolution we have developed from chimpanzees.

One may say that there are lots of differences between human and chimpanzees in physical appearance and mental and physical ability. According to the scientists although there are so many differences chimpanzees share 99 per cent of same gene setting with us. Then what distinguish them from us? What makes so many differences of physical appearance and mental – physical ability between us?

A group of scientists in a research work at the Georgia Institute of Technology in the United States has claimed to find out the answers. They have mentioned that although human and chimpanzees share 99 per cent of same genes chimpanzees are different from human in not having, what they called “junk DNA”.

In the mentioned research work the scientists saw that unlike the human the chimpanzees have some gaps in the sequence of their genome. But in case of human genome sequence those gaps are missing. In human genome sequence in the place of those gaps the scientists found “junk DNA”.

Until the mentioned research work scientists all over the world had no clear idea about the functions of the “junk DNA”. They had an assumption that the Junk DNA had not any vital importance. But after the study it is almost clear that the “junk DNA” actually regulate the other genomes to do their work and they are responsible for the lots of differences between human and chimpanzees. John McDonald who led the study agreed with the fact.

After the study the scientists have mentioned that as the functionality of the “junk DNA” is discovered now it will be possible to explain all the differences between human and chimpanzees.