Knowing Breast anomalies through Self Breast Examination

A woman needed to be careful about the most sensitive part of their body breast as it is naturally prone in changing throughout the life. All changes are not normal, and due to several environmental, hereditary, and dietary factors certain other changes happens as well, and known as unusual changes or breast anomalies.

Breast Anomalies

Any change that a woman feels into the category of normal should be treated as a serious threat. Women of all ages should have information regarding usual and unusual changes with the intention that anomalies can be identified promptly. Some of the breast anomalies that can be observed by women throughout self breast examination listed below.

• Lumps of varying sizes and types as some lumps are firm while others are spongy to touch. Some lumps can be move and have boundaries, but some are round and fixed.

• Increasing in any part of breast or armpit

• Nipple discharge of any color and type can be noteworthy of breast cancer

• Nipple retraction, scaling and inversion

• Skin changes of any type such as a form of dimples and wrinkles

• Changes of size, shape and contour

• Constant breast pain

Women can easily become aware of all these changes if they perform self breast examination every month. Monthly examination helps in improving their awareness about the normal feel and structure of breasts, also help them in catching the anomalies as they take place.

Self check is not that difficult to perform and a female of 20 years old should perform do it every month because breast cancer can invade any woman regardless of age, but most it usually happens in older women, so they are advised to attend regular breast cancer screening in order that anomalies can be detected when they are too small to be observed by other means of checking breasts.

Screening offered to women with no symptoms as the purpose of screening is to diagnose more and more cancer cases at the initial stage when they are still easy to manage and can be treated successfully. Those who attend regular screening sessions also carry out self examination lessen the chances of late detection and death with breast cancer.

Self examination should never be executed as a diagnostic procedure, and it is also wrong to replace it with other modes of checking breast as each method intends in making early detection probable, so use a combination of different methods in order to catch the anomalies at an earlier stage, and treat it as soon as possible.