Lean Beef Based Diet Good For Heart

A group of researchers of the Pennsylvania State University or PSU after a recent study has claimed that although we have conventional beliefs about the bad effects of eating beefs it in fact cuts down the risk of developing ‘bad’ cholesterol in body. The researchers have claimed that living on daily diets that include trimmed or lean beef is very effective in reducing the total and LDL ‘bad’ cholesterol levels in body. According to Dietary Approach to Stop Hypertension (abbreviated as DASH) trimmed beef based diets are so good for reducing ‘bad’ cholesterol levels and in turn good for healthy heart that it can be described as the ‘Gold Standard’ for diets assigned for healthy heart.

Researchers have mentioned trimmed beef based diets as BOLD or the Beef Optimal Lean Diets. The researchers for the sake of the study tested the cholesterol levels of some adult people and then they applied and tested the effects of various diets based on different amounts of trimmed or lean beef on the total and LDL cholesterol levels of those adult people. The amount of lean or trimmed beef in the diets was 4.0 oz and 5.4 oz daily. After the study they found 10 per cent reduction in the LDL cholesterol levels of the participants of the study.

The first investigator of the study penny Kris- Etherton has mentioned that the findings of the study has opened up new door of scientific knowledge. Knowing the effects of consuming lean beef based diets everyday on lowering down the ‘bad’ cholesterol levels in body is no doubt is a very important discovery. The study has been appeared in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition.