Lean Individual Not Free From Heart Risks

Little time ago a research has published which stated that lean men and women in general cases are at low risk of metabolic condition than an overweight men and women. With the sequence to the fact an international team of scientists has already identified the gene IRS1. So, with the help of that they additionally discover a link of body with heaving less fat but with some unhealthy cholesterol as well as blood glucose rates. This report has published in the Nature Genetics journal.

The gene contains lower level of “subcutaneous” fat rising under the cells of the skin, but do not contain fat surrounding organs in “visceral”.

Moreover authors have speculated that the people, who contains this gene are generally less be able to store “subcutaneous” fat, that means they store it any other parts of their body.

With reference to the fact Dr. Douglas P Kiel also said “Few collection of fat including the fat, which stores under the skin area may be less harmful than the other types of fat, which located in the abdominal cavity. Aside from that this may also increase the risk of developing metabolic disease.”

In this matter a research was published in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition which stated “Overweight women who already reduce their total body weight by more than 15 per cent may receive a significant boost to their vitamin D levels.”