Leaving Daily Aspirin May Up The Risk Of Heart Attack

A new research has stated that the heart patients, who usually leave aspirin may two thirds more likely suffer from another risk of heart attack.

Throughout, the entire study the team of researchers have found that in general near about half of the long term aspirin users are now started to leave aspirin against medical advice. So, to fulfill the entire purpose of this study, the researches of the UK have included more than 40,000 patients, whom they have prescribed for Aspirin.

The results, which have come out from this research, have stated that for all heart disease patients low dose of aspirin is much more necessary to prevent blood clots, because those are quite being able to lead to future heart attacks.

With the sequence to the fact  Ellen Mason, of the British Heart Foundation, has quoted in BBC “In general this research is quite being able to remind on how much effective way a little daily pill of aspirin reduces another risk of having heart attack. So, it has now become a million dollar question how many people with existing heart attack are taking their daily aspirin dose.”

Later he also added “Aspirin in general is much more cheaper than other drugs and golden oldie is one of the best researched drugs that we have in our arsenal in order to stop further heart attacks. Also, its entire benefit certainly outweighs any risks for most of the people.”

Last but not in the list, he mentioned “If you have had a heart attack then you should not stop your daily dose of aspirin, because if you stop that then it can even increase the risk of having another heart attack, which can result in permanent damage to your heart. If you ever thinking for stopping that then before taking any further decision first you should consult a doctor.”

This entire study has published at British Medical Journal this week.