Beautiful City of Lexington is the Laziest City in US

According to a survey, beautiful city of Lexington is ranked as the laziest city in the United States. This survey does not just ends here.  Indianapolis in Indiana and Jackson, Mississippi are also ranked among the least active states. This states that people among these areas are least active and do not involve them in physical activity and does not involve themselves properly at work. This survey tells about the frequency of people who go to gym regularly or involve them in any exercise. But at these places, people spend their time in watching televisions, playing video games and play stations and in other indoor activities rather than involving themselves in outdoor activities like jogging, exercising, playing outdoor games like basketball, tennis etc.

On the other hand, Seattle, San Francisco and Oakland, California were found to be most physically active. At these places, people involve themselves in physical activities and in productive works. Due to this people here are physically active and healthy. A these places, there are less cases of diseases like obesity or heart diseases as people here are active and involve themselves in exercise and physical activities.

Lexington City

Due to laziness in city of Lexington, people are more prone to obesity and other related diseases as obesity is the root cause of other diseases like heart disease, diabetes, high blood pressure, etc. people suffer from a blood clot in a vein which is usually seen in the leg and this disease is due to inactivity. This clot can be deadly and can block blood flow and cause swelling and pain. When this clot breaks off and moves through the bloodstream, this is called an embolism.  An embolism can get stuck in the brain, lungs, heart, or other area, which can cause serious troubles and damage.

In the same survey, Residents of Washington, DC, Salt Lake City, Reno, Denver, Portland, Atlanta and Minneapolis were found to be very active and were going to gym and were involving themselves in other recreational and physical activities. This is the main reason why these places are rich economically and socially. Fit and healthy citizens are the mark of a developed county in actual. But if people will not involve them in physical activities then they are harming themselves. Residents of Lexington should involve them in physical activities and according to a study; even 30 minutes of brisk walking can bring better results for them.