Light Exercises Decreases Death Rate for Cancer Patients

People, who have cancer treatments is always advice to take the day off from any work. That was it used to be before a new report claiming that exercise much needed once a patient undergoes cancer treatment.

The report known as Move More comes from a compilation of 60 studies on how does exercises affects cancer.  Researchers reached the conclusion that does not agree with the regular wisdom that people are following for two decades.  During those days, recovering cancer patients receive either a mixed advice, about doing physical activity, or warning against exercise.  The new report tells cancer patients to do some light exercises after treatment.  Around two and  half hours of exercise, a week is enough to lower the risk of dying following a treatment or reduce the reappearance of the cancer cells by up to 40 percent.  Light exercises could reduce the prostate cancer survivor from dying by as much as 30 percent.

Macmillan Cancer Support, one of main British charities published the report to correct the old idea about exercising after cancer treatment.  The group also provided health care and monetary support to cancer survivors and  affiliated with the National Cancer Research Institute in Britain.

As part of the report, the group asked more than 400 doctors and nurses in Britain to find out more about exercise and cancer treatment.  Researchers found out that there are around 200 of the interviewees does not know about the benefit in avoiding or running long-term effects of cancer.  One in every ten health officials believe that it would be better  giving advice to cancer survivor to rest the day than doing any form of physical activity.  For years, cancer expert from the United States has already been preaching about the benefit of light exercise for a cancer survivor.

On the previous year, the American College of Sports Medicine had organized a panel of cancer and exercise researchers that has a goal of developing a set of guidelines with regards to physical activity for people who are under treatment or those, who finished their session of cancer treatment. The panel suggested adapting exercise in people should be based upon the condition of cancer in the body.

However, the panel noted that there are times when the patients will be weak to exercise – especially, as the patients’ undergoes treatment – during those times, it would be better   resting the patient  few days before having any form of exercise. The American Cancer Society also encourages moderate exercise but persuades their patients to talk about the exercise plan to their doctors first.