Living With Too Much Fat Can Be A Healthy Too

A team of researchers have found that contrary to general perception being fat can be said actually healthier for you, is spite of constantly trying to be on diet.

To justify the entire thing the scientists from all over the world have involved more than thousands of obese men and women, whom they have kept for observation. While the result have come out they have found that more than one in three are living with perfectly healthy condition and living with only slight heart problems. Moreover they have also noticed that they are also living with better health than those who are living with constant battle with their health and weight by repeatedly dieting.

A report of Daily Mail have stated “They have stated that a person can get good health inspire of getting tips and scales and some people are classed themselves as overweight  are as fine as they are.”

In this purpose the researchers from Toronto`s York University tracked more than 6,000 of obese men and women, those average age limit was under 16 years and kept them under observation by doing medical and physical tests.

The results which have come out through out the whole observation, they have compared that with thousands of people of normal weight.

The findings of the Applied Physiology, Nutrition and Metabolism Journal have stated “It can be clearly say that being slim is not always count as a superior.”

Though, it may even be some people’s gene which allows them for escaping many of the health consequences of being overweight. Moreover, those who are healthy but overweight can do some more exercise and eat better than the people who are always following some diet plan in order to lose their weight.

A Canadian research has stated that apart from using BMI a measure of weight depends many conditions such as height. Which, the doctors generally use to measure.