Low Calorie Diet Can Help Annul Type 2 Diabetes

For the sufferers of Type 2 Diabetes, taking a diet which is very low in calories, can help curb their dwindling health, study says. According to the latest research having a diet for about a couple of months can stimulate the production of insulin by the body itself and thus by taking a low calorie diet fats can be removed off the pancreases which promotes the cells inside the organ to generate insulin naturally. Thus the body can regain its title to be the natural production house of insulin thereby reversing Type 2 Diabetes.

Studies prove that an approximate consumption of 600 calories per day is sufficient to quash the Type 2 Diabetes in some individuals. Such count could be taken as a part of special diet for the patients. According to the statistical data, around 3.5 million of the total population of UK is stated to be affected by this condition. The most appropriate alibi to such finding can be the hindrance in the insulin secretion, which is important to the regulation of blood sugar levels, caused due to the accumulation of fat in the pancreas and liver.

Low Calorie Diet

The study was done over the group of 11 people suffering from the condition by the experts at Newcastle University. The study was an early stage one but found out some of the remarkable facts and remedies. For the initials, the group was asked to follow a strict diet including liquid drinks and non starchy vegetables. The drinks comprises of controlled and calculated amounts of carbohydrates, proteins, fats and vitamins and minerals. After a week, when the blood sugar levels before the breakfast were gauges, the data filled them with bliss as the levels came back to the normal for the group. Then after a period of two months, the pancreas cells functioned normally and produced insulin and the fat deposited inside the organ was also decreased. The data was recorded with the help of MRI scans of the people in the study group. Then the group was asked to return to normal eating with some advices control and healthy diet that resulted in diabetes free condition among seven members of the group.

The study came out as a success in the medical history for treating the Type 2 Diabetes and revering its effects and thus help a person live a normal healthy live again.