Low Doses Of Alcohol Intake Can Damage Your Heart Function

This has proved earlier that moderate to high amount of alcohol can engage with the LV or left ventricular of heart performance, but now a new study has formed little day earlier which has broadcasted intake alcohol in a low amount can even acute effects on the heart. It can even leave its mark on the LV as well as RV or right ventricular functions, which always pump blood to the entire body collectively.

With the sequence to the fact, Matteo Cameli, cardiologist at the Cardiologia Universitaria of Siena and the co-author of this study, stated “Many earlier studies has collectively reported high doses of alcohol assumption can redact the entire performance of the LV, but the exact effect of low doses are still unknown.”

Moreover, many cardiologists have explained earlier the main function of LV and RV totally different.

Matteo Cameli stated “The main working function of that two seems like the two different worlds with the comparison of the structure and function of the myocardial fibers.”

Later he also added “Though, they are entirely different but the low doses of alcohol simultaneously effects on them and left social implications. Throughout, the entire study we have found that a low doses of red wine are generally associated with an acute depression of LV function which can partially acute the RV function also.”

This entire result was published in the Clinical and Experimental Research earlier this week.