Low-fat Foods May Not Equivalent To Weight Loss Diet, Says Experts

In the present time all of us want to reduce our weight by reducing body fat and due to that we are trying many thinks such as balanced diet, low fat food, exercise and many more. But do you know that fat substance could even make your fat? Hope this is a shocking news to all of you. Yes that’s a fact, recently a pure study showed that the people who want to lose his weight, parallel wants to lose the fat substitutes from their diet also. In this case eating low fat foods for losing their weight seems like a common sense, but it has proved that these fat substitutes even quite be able to build your fat as well. So at the time of taking this you may have to think twice.

Connor Tuzi said “I am really in big surprise because always moms or whatever trying to lose their weight by it, but for them it becomes actually doing opposite thing.”

Ethan Flint also declared “Practically I never thought that something which claims for low fat world even do the reverse effect to you.”

Possible rates ate either in fat free chips or regular high fat potato chips looks like synthetic fat without any calories. So the rates that were eaten by the fat free Pringles really a big thing of surprise when it got on the scale.

Susan Swithers, Purdue Professor of Physiological Sciences said “They actually want to end this up by gaining more and more weight.”

Swithers also declared “Those people who did this study well, believes that the weight gain can happen due to the fat substitutes confuse the body. Moreover the taste of food always calculates the amounts of calories are absorbed at the time of eaten.  So the actual way with the help of which our body controls food in-take now has become ineffective because the calories do not end up inside of our body.”

There after she also added “After an experience with Olestra these cue never predicts a lot of calories most of the times, so we might over eat that the next time and we get fat that has calories.”

Though there is some difference between Rats and human but Swithers believes that this lesson completely fitted for all the animals, so replacing of fats may not be the best way of losing weight strategy.